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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a revolutionary technology that is becoming more common across the world. It offers means to revolutionize the industry, rapidly transforming the way buildings are constructed.  BIM creates a digital model representing a physical space and the functional characteristics of that space. It augments the three spatial dimensions of width, height and depth with time, cost and function.

Comprehensive Building Information Modelling (BIM) Solutions

BIM provides the opportunity for construction teams and consultants to maximize time and money, limiting any resulting friction in a project.

3D Modeling

Project Coordination, Field Conflict Resolution, Reduced RFIs, Construction Visualization, Increased Output, Construction Cost Savings, Decreased Construction Time, Increased Onsite Productivity, Accurate-As-Built Drawings

3D Visualization

We incorporate professional graded animation, 3D rendering, modeling and texturing by using 3Ds Max and Revit to enable the BIM models to meet the exact business and construction requirements

Marketing BIM presentation

Involve 3D walkthroughs and rendered images to give an artistic, and lifelike feeling of moving through the construction space in reality through the exterior and interior of the building

Pre-construction Site Logistic

Include a visual representation of comprehensive planning and implementation services for our clients

Fields of Expertise

At CCS, we are proud to offer a wide range of quantity surveying services for each project phase (Planning, Design, Tender and Construction phases), which cover different types of projects

Building Projects

  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Stadiums
  • VIP
  • Special Construction
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Hotels
  • Public Facilities
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Educational
  • Fit-out Work
  • FF&E
  • Residential Housing
  • Renovations
  • Precast Concrete
  • Post-tension Concrete
  • Prestressed Concrete

Infrastructure projects

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Flexible Paving
  • Rigid Paving
  • Micro Tunneling
  • Deep Shafts
  • Dewatering System
  • Piling Works
  • Foul System
  • Surface Water & Ground Water System
  • Treated Sewage Effluent TSE Pipeline
  • Potable Water System
  • Firefighting System
  • Foul Sewer Lifting Station
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Potable Water Pumps Station & Reservoir
  • TSE Pump Station & Reservoir
  • Firefighting Pumps Station & Reservoir
  • High Voltage Cables Network
  • Medium Voltage Cables Network
  • Low Voltage Cables Network
  • Electrical Substations
  • Street Lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Earthworks
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With CCS help, employing the use of BIM during and after every project development phase, there is a higher possibility of success and maximum performance for projects


BIM Model in use certification and inspection, BIM operation managers and BIM consulting data management


BIM Model as-built certification

Design / Studies

BIM consulting during Planning and construction phase for owners and operators


BIM Technical Inspection and Coordination