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Message from the CEO

Before founding Canadian Consulting Services Inc (CCS), I had been an active member of the construction industry since the late 2000s. I started in the industry, working as a foreman in the field during my summer breaks from school. After graduation as a civil engineer, I went on to manage the job site, which leads to managing all construction activities. From there, I continued to become an Estimator and Project Manager. I have worked every job within the entire operation, which has provided me the endless opportunities and the ability to understand each aspect of every job within the company. Having knowledge of the entire scope of work required for the company allowed me to build Canadian Consulting Services Inc (CCS) on a solid foundation.

Working as Senior Estimation Manager at International companies in Egypt and the Gulf area provided me a great opportunity to work in mega projects like:

  • Stadiums

  • Palaces

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

  • Museums

  • Special Constructions

  • Bridges

  • Highways

Having experience in both buildings and infrastructure projects, was a unique accomplishment that helps to achieve the strategic goals and increase the ability to win new projects to the maximum.

At Canadian Consulting Services Inc. (CCS), we will keep continuous improvement, while honoring our commitments, taking the most economically efficient steps for each project and providing our customers with unrivaled quality and care.

Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

CCS Canadian Consulting services Inc. is a consultancy motivated by innovation. We are global in our reach and network, but also local in our delivery and relationships. CCS team has grown expertise and capabilities to meet the needs of clients while also providing added value at every opportunity.

Quantity Surveying Services

CCS has expert quantity surveying professionals dealing with the venture conveyance from inception to completion of construction.

Cost Estimate & Tenders Management

Our team has full knowledge about the tender life cycle based on buildings & infrastructure projects. By using very advanced estimation software, very high accuracy and quality are guaranteed.

Technical support

Providing a number of decisions for project implementation with the best technical and economic indicators.

Value Engineering

Eliminate stressors, identify potential barriers, bring new design and materials to the project, limit environmental risks, and keep future maintenance costs of the project low.

Scheduling Management

The project schedule allows the client to control quality measures, as well as maintain the resources needed in each phase of construction.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Providing the 3D modeling, 3D visualization, Marketing BIM presentation, and Pre-construction Site Logistic.

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Our Skills

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By providing our services, we are opening wide gate to our clients to gain new projects from local and global markets.

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